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Morvally 24 inches Long Straight White Lace Front Wigs 1001#
Morvally 24 inches Long Straight White Lace Front Wigs 1001#Morvally 24 inches Long Straight White Lace Front Wigs 1001#Morvally 24 inches Long Straight White Lace Front Wigs 1001#Morvally 24 inches Long Straight White Lace Front Wigs 1001#Morvally 24 inches Long Straight White Lace Front Wigs 1001#Morvally 24 inches Long Straight White Lace Front Wigs 1001#Morvally 24 inches Long Straight White Lace Front Wigs 1001#

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Brand: morvally

Color: 1001# White


  • About the hair: Morvally wig made by high quality heat resistant synthetic hair, it's very soft and natural even looks like as real hair. The most important is that the hair won't tangle easily, you can easy to brush the hair.
  • What's lace front: Half hand tied lace front wig with lace 2.5 inches parting space in front, free part as you want since there is lace front, and the lace is up to your ear, that's why our wigs are more natural and beautiful. After cutting the lace and wear it, you can use some powder to make it more realistic, just as the hair is growing from your scalp, it's difficult to find you wear a wig.
  • Hair density: It has 150% hair density, super thick and full hair and the wefts can't came out easily. It's very natural and easy to change your hair style if you use it for daily life. Also, it would be great and pretty if you use it for cosplay, party, photography and any other occasions, you can play any role you like with it.
  • Cap Size: Circumference 22.5 inches stretched medium cap (average cap size) with adjustable straps and 3 combs.
  • Specification´╝Ü24 inches, long straight soft texture, 2 pieces free Morvally wig cap. Realistic white hair(kind reminder: slightly color difference between different monitors)

Publisher: Morvally

Details: Morvally White Long Straight Lace Front Heat Resistant Wigs

About the lace front wig:
1.The lace front: The color of the lace is light brown, when you wear it and part your hair, the wig looks very natural, like the hair is growing from the scalp, that's why called lace front.
2.The wig could be parting as you want since there are lace in front, the parting space is about 2.5 inches in the middle and 1.5-2 inches the side.
3.The density of this wig is 150%, it is thick enough so that the wefts will not come out easily.
4.The hairline of this wig is very natural, and you could cut the front lace according to your own hairline to make the hairline of the wig looks more natural and realistic.

How to wash the wig?
1. Smooth and tidy curly wig before putting them into water, put the wig in cold or warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, not hot water, which can't be too long, or hair is easy to fall off.
2. Use clear water to clean, Hand washing, can't use the washing machine.
3. Choose 2-in-1 shampoo, avoid scrub, with the hand gently grasp the hair is OK.
4. Clean cold water to rinse it again and towel to blot up the water, never screwed by hand or by a washing machine to dry.
5. And then hang and dry it naturally, avoid by drying in sunshine.
6. If hair knotted after long use,use non-oily maintenance fluid of wig

1. Give the wig a shake after taking out of the package and hang it on for some time the curls become tight and natural,it will be more beautiful than before.
2. All synthetic fiber wigs have minimum shedding and tangling which is normal, please take care of washing and maintenance.
3. You can store it in a hair net and plastic bag. or put the wig on the wig stand, Please note wigs should be placed in a cool dry space.

We guarantee no reason return policy only If the wig in its original condition and the front lace uncut.

UPC: 726853799631

EAN: 726853799631

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 9.1 x 1.4 inches


How to Care:

  • Styling tips: To make it show the same style as the product photos on Amazon, please Shake your wig back and forth to make it more fluffy.
  •  Waring Tips: Prepare your own hair. Hold your wig by the ear tabs. Place it at your natural hairline and slide it on from front to back, making sure the inside clips slide into your hair. Use the ear tabs to center your wig from left to right. Adjust the tab in the back for a secure fit.
  • Washing Tips: We do not recommend you wash your wig too often. Only hand wash your wig when it gets dull. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and wig shampoo, immerse for 5 minutes. Lift the top of wig and gradually detangle from the bottom up in water with a wide tooth comb, rinse. Start again with conditioner, rinse. towel blot and air dry on a wig stand. Please DO NOT wring or rub the hair.
  • Storing Tip: Store your wig on a wig stand away from direct sunlight.


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